Saturday, April 30, 2005


Strange Resemblance: Student Crossing

Another entry into the Delta f catalogue of strange resemblances.
This time Lianne does her best impression of a Student Crossing sign. This incident goes all the way back to the Loop night, but I was waiting for the perfect opportunity to post it. How about this: I'm bored.
Here we go....

Someone should have given her a glass...

I think I peed in my pants the first time I looked at these two together.
Oh my, Lianne, you rock.

Let's see some comments for the woman of the hour, eh?

Have anything that you think is a strange resemblance?
Send it to me!

pfft, as if anyone will...

Monday, April 25, 2005


A funny thing happened at the Bridge Tavern

It was so strange,
we were just sitting there the bar a little while back at our local watering hole, the Bridge Tavern. The pitchers were flowing well and cheap. Exams were still a while off and midterms were a thing of the past, so our consciences were clear as grease-soaked napkins. Conversation was easy and consisted mostly of the usual banter of university students in high spirits, accompanied by the put-on drawl of a country music group that only the West side of Windsor would be proud to display. Someone - I think it was Mike - was the first one to notice that something had gone terribly awry.

"Dude, what happened to your face?" He said, with a none but a little touch of concern in his voice. "Are you feeling alright?" I was in fact feeling just fine. Not often though do you get asked that question in an establishment where alcohol is sold and consumed without starting to worry. Especially in a place like the Bridge Tavern. The Bridge Tavern is the last stop on your way to the United States of America in West Windsor; the last stop out-post in a town that is in it's self a last stop out-post. This is a place where Lonesome Lefty and the Crying Shames plays every Tuesday night, and business booms. In a place like this, Mike's question worried me.
But already I was beginning to see what he meant, for Mike's face was starting to take a new shape of it's own, too. I thought the guy might have been telling me I looked pale, green, maybe a little to deep in the drink for my own good, but what was happenning was more sinister. "Something's wrong with you too, man..." I managed to muster out.

Maybe sinister is the wrong word. As soon we both realized that there were changes happening it was like being deep in the vortex of a good mushroom trip - We gave in and it didn't seem so bad anymore. Other people at the bar were starting to change in strange ways, too. We all seemed to be connected...

The night tore on and we continued to revel in the sweet bliss of cheap ale. The waitress came by one last time and asked us if we would like another, but it was clear that no, we would not be indulging in one more. We had a party to get back to at our own house, and the guests were no doubt wondering just where we were by now. It was time to bid this crazy fringe bar adieu, for we were more than used to the strange faces all around us, and everyone knows that this is when to leave. It was time to head back to the strange faces at our own homestead, and see just how they were dealing with this strange night.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Burning Stuff - Another Delta f Tradition

There's nothing quite like having your own backyard. The only thing that might compare is having a backyard with a fire pit so you can burn things. We unfortunately did not have a fire pit when we moved in, but that didn't stop us for long. A shovel and a few bricks started us off towards the Delta f tradition of burning things in our backyard!


With the coming of the warm weather here in Windsor the first thing that we all want to do come spring is play outside. We would probably do this whether we had a fire pit or not, but when you do it makes it that much better. This winter wa especially long so we were particularly in a mood to let out some steam.

We lost facial hair doing this.

Up there you can clearly see that it never, ever takes long to get bored with whatever sized fire you have - it can always be bigger. Some will remember the famous time lat year when we burned a couch. Whole. The flames were about thirty feet high. This time, were a little more reserved. We cut the couch up before we burned it.

As you might guess, whenever there is any kind of substantial gathering at Delta f a little bit of alcohol is usually involved. This night was no exception.

They hadn't touched a drop, I swear...

As usual the booze flowed like, well, booze. We were also celebrating JM's last few nights staying with us in the Delta f homestead - JM's moving on up a few doors of Bridge Ave next year. This, I think, just gave us more of a reason to do stupid shit...

Very impressive, JM.

The night progresses as it usually does, and this is where I for the most part let the pictures tell the stories. After all, I think that most of them explain themselves. I will point out though that Mike seemed to be in a bit of a fighting mood this night...

I think Mike lost!

At some point someone thought that the roof would be a great idea. I couldn't have agreed more, really.

It's a miracle that no one has fallen off our roof yet

You could actually taste the love in the air. Maybe it was that tar-soaked railroad tie that we were burning...


Good lord, Mel even smoked a cigarette! Busted!

Smoking makes you cool.

Right, so then I get this great idea that driving my moped would be fun. I still stand by that it would have been, dammit! It's not like I was going to drive it on the street or anything, c'mon. All I wanted to do was drive it through ally for a bit... It took while to get the keys back from a few people. For some reason, it didn't start though. Maybe this was some higher force telling me it was a bad idea; maybe said higher force has no sense of fun. In the picture you can clearly see who was for and against the moped starting up...

Why do I always have a need to drive something when I've been drinking. It's a wonder
why the damn thing didn't start...

All this while the fire is still burning away. Our neighbours were probably a little irate with the situation, us being up and still burning things at this late - or possibly very early - hour of the night. I don't think we were about to put it out on our own. Fire is just too entertaining...

Wheeeeeee! "Oh shit! I burned my nuts!"

So possible for the better and saving us from potentially painful burns, one of our friendly neighbours calls the fire department to douse our happy flame, and the joviality that surrounded it. No, they didn't use their big hoses - they made us use our little one - but they did show up in a big firetruck with the lights a flashin'

Note: May not represent actual firetruck that visited Delta f

But they didn't douse the partying spirit right away though. We still had a bit left kickin' in us.


So with the firemen gone - who were very nice, by the way - and the fire pit smoldering another crazy night in our backyard comes to a close. Now, all we have to do is worry about exams. After we're done learning though, I'm sure there will be a few more things that I can put up on here before the summer starts.


Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Spring is just about here

Ah, you can see it in people's eyes - the reflection of the sun, that is!

There seems to be good weather here in Windsor,
and with the coming of final paper, assignments and the ever-looming
final exams, it couldn't have come soon enough.
Now that our heads are a little clearer with the
official coming of Spring, let's get a bit caught up on things!

Wecome to the Delta f Blog!
If this your first time here, then read on
and you'll catch up to what we're about..

Basically after
working/drinking/partying/sleeping/eating/fighting/injuring ourselves
though winter, We couldn't be happier that now
we get to do all those things outside!!

Omar and I feel sorry for you because you can't be as cool as us.

The Long awaited St. Patrick's Day Party went off without a hitch.
Now a few more people
know just what Delta f is all about and are
eager to call themseves Delta Fuckers.

Click on Brenden's mug for the St. Patrick's day pictures

We took up making our own booze again,
and this time is was a bigger hit than before. I will make a post in the
Near future about how to make your own wine on a University budget,
So keep dropping by. I will say though, I made bootleg vodka too,
but I probably won't do that again until I can distill it (it made people violent).

Mel totes and shows off a jug of the wine I made in my closet. It was better than it sounds, I swear...

Best of all, the Delta f Blog is making its rounds through cyber space!
Random people from around the world are getting
Tuned in to the Anti-Frat movement as brought to you by
Delta f! If this is your first time here, you are now one of us
whether you like it or not.

Want to see some other cool Blogs from the area (or anywhere, for that matter...),
just click on any of the banners on the left of your screen to find thousands.
Some Blogs of note over the past little while are...

God Himself for words from, well, god.

Little thoughts for words of reflection.

Secrets for, you guessed it - secrets.

I hope that keeps you busy for the next little while.
Remember to leave any comments you might have!

I found a new friend this winter, too...

Saturday, April 02, 2005


Strange Resemblance

I've wanted to put this together for a while now. More accurately, about two years.
This dates al all the way back to the Dollar a Drink day back in first year, which I highly recommend that you check out. Justin will never live that one down.
To sum it up though, we shaved his head to look just like Hunter Thompson's. I don't think Justin knew who Hunter Thompson was at the time, but that kind of makes it better...

"We can't stop here...This is bat country..."

Just who is who? Well that's for you to decide. All I can leave you with is this startling resemblance. I think I will make this a regular piece on the site. Nothing is funnier than things that look like stuff!


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