Sunday, December 26, 2004


Last Night 2004

They always start so innocently,
Oh wait, this time it didn't: We knew from the get-go that the last Big Party Night in Windsor for 2004 was not going to end without some braincells lost. JM and Coty finished their exams, and although I had been done for some time - not to rub it in - we wanted to party. Poor Mike still had exams to write and work the next day, but that didn't seem to stop him.
By the time I got back from dinner at about nine-thirty, the crew at the bar had gone through a fourty and a two-six of whiskey - no small feat. They were a tad cheery, to say the least.

After I downed a few Iron Dukes...

It was off to the bar: Spicolli's in Sandwich Town!! Yay!

Sandwich Town is always fun; I think we don't get there nearly enough. On this particular night, One Man's Opinion were rocking it out when we got there, the atmousphere was good and people were ready to party down. Some people played some pool...

While I, uh, caught up with some friends.

Then, as by now you no doubt know if you've read a few of these posts, things got a bit interesting. Mel had a bit of a scare being left at the bar - something which she will no doubt never, ever let us forget, but eventually we all did make it home in one piece. And then some. Oh yes, when the music majors drop by here at the University of Windsor, one notices...

I just remember waking up with one hell of a headache and a very severe case of the stupids. There was an odd taste in my mouth - ah yes, then I remembered: When I had been taking a sip from a glass of beer the night before, someone informed me that there was, in fact, a cigarette butt in it. Mmmmmm.... yummy. It stil didn't explain why there was a smashed orange stuck to my wall. Wait... maybe it does.
Alas, we knew what we were getting into when we started. I leave you with one last mystery for the holidays. When I woke up, this picture was on my camera:

Good god - who's ass is that!?!?!?!?!

Saturday, December 18, 2004


Wecome Boozy!

One other good thing came out of the Cable Party, we got a cat!
Well, we first met her on the night of the cable party - a cute little stray kitten that someone effectionately named Boozy, and it stuck. I had been walking down the street and out of the corner of my eye I saw what I thought to be a Skunk running straight at me. Not fun; I almost dove into the bushes. When the thing got closer to me I noticed that it wasn't a skunk at all (thank god), but the cute black and white kitty that spent the evening with us.

Boozy's on the right (weird colours, eh?). It broke our hearts to have to put her out at the end of the night, but for all we knew it was someone else's cat.
A few days later Mike saw the poor thing outside accross the street meowing away and still without a collar. Mel to the rescue! Yes, Mel was Boozy's benevolent sponsor - it had to go to the vet's, and all of us at Delta f are a bit poor. The thing was going to need shots, and now it was limping, but a quick visit to the kitty-doctor said it was nothing serious, so now we have a cat: Boozy the Astro Cat, wecome to Delat f.
Let the training begin! Do you think you can train a kitty to fetch beer? We shall soon find out.

Awwww... Meow!


Fate of the Cable Party

Holy man,
It's been a while since I've updated this thing! Exams here at the University of Windsor has held us in its kung fu grip for a few weeks now, but the end is near. I myself have been done for a few days now, but I think tonight is the night that the rest of us finish - which means that tomorrow I should have good material to put on here! Party!!! I Already have my six-pack of Iron Duke; I'm ready to go. But before all that, I should probably bring you up to speed.

As decided by our Cable Summit, on December second the cable was supposed to be shut off. As you can see, there were some of us that took it better than others...

Ah, poor Chris. He really liked that cable. That's why I had the idea that we should have a "goodbye Cable!" party in the honour of those who will miss it most. You know, bid the seventy useless channels adieu in the best (only) way that members of Delta f can - get loaded. Everyone in the house got up at the crack of dawn to prepare for the party...

Well, okay... Maybe not exactly. In fact, on the day of the supposed party, I seemed to be the only one really interested carrying the party through. It was a Thursday after all, and people had better things to do. Never one to let that stop me, I bought a bottle of ouzo anyway!
When I got back from studying, I turned the TV on, opened the bottle of cheap, licorice flavoured Greek booze (did I mention it's cheap?) and settled down to stare at the cable for what I though was going to be the last time. It had taken me three difficult phone calls, but I had done it and managed to get an operator at COGECO cable (fuck you again, COGECO) to agree to shut off the service. I was expecting to sit there and actually see some boring show snap to fuzzy snow letting me know that our cable was no more with a satisfying hiss. I sat, and drank, and sat, and drank... Nothing. The cable stayed on.
In fact, sixteen days later the cable is still not off, but here's the good part: We're not paying for it any more! HA! Now we get cable for free. Or at least until someone from COGECO reads this...

So our Cable Party didn't amount to much, but at least we have the mild satisfaction that the useless, mind-numbing schlock that we're watching on TV is only costing us waited time - not cash.

The Ouzo didn't hurt, either.

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