Thursday, June 09, 2005


What d'hell has Delta f been up to?!?!

Some - regrettably few - people have noticed that there hasn't been a post on the ol' blog here for almost a month. Don't fret, for the lack of words does not represent a lack of action. I've been conjuring a lot of new things up for the future of Delta f and it's looking good! First, let me start out by saying that I now live on an island in central Ontario. Not a big island, but quite a small one. In fact, the exact same island that I lived on back here. The transition to live on a barren rock on the cusp of the Canadian shield is hopefully more of a reason than an excuse, but here I am on a workhorse of an old computer and dialup. Let the summer begin!

So what's in store for Delta f? Well, this summer we will see the debut of the Delta f website at! Not just a blog, mind you, but kind of a hub for the Anti Frat "movement." A place where people who want to change their world in a very minimalist - but notable - kind of way can find resources to do so. Somewhere that people who generally enjoy manipulating their environment can go to find sites such as Troubled Youth , or even more crazy stuff like Guerilla art. Most of us doing this blog thing have a penchant for exalting the banal, so will be the place to go to give what I'm calling Vicissitization a digital representation as well. More on that later.

Of course, will be a place where one can start their own Anti Frat - the portion of the site that I'm most concerned with - and see what the other crazy people are doing out there with their own Anti Frats. I'm also trying to get away from the idea that one has to be in University (college) to have/be in an Anti Frat. Who needs an educational institution to have fraternity (or sorority) amongst like-minded individuals? Not Delta fuck, that's for sure, and I'm reckoning that there's a lot of people out there that think the same way! The tentative date to have it up is August first - any input would be greatly appreciated!

As for the cadre Delta fuckers, here's a bit of synopsis of what they're up to...

Coty - Works at a pool on his tan all day in Chatham, Ont. Bastard.

Mike - This guy is busting his ass selling giant, industrial fans and moonlighting as an employee of Shoppers Drug Mart.

*Introducing* A.J. - The newest cadre member of Delta f is working at Sunnybrook hospital in Toronto and going to concerts, not necessarily in that order.

JM - Have you ever driven up in Northern Ontario? Well he's up there fixing that road right now. He kills groundhogs, too.

Chris - No word - might be dead. Someone send Chris an E-mail!

Tyler - As mentioned, is isolated on a rock and raises chickens.

Overton - What the hell happened to this guy? We haven't seen him in months. Maybe he's with Chis...

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