Wednesday, May 18, 2005


How to Start your own AntiFrat!!

Finally people are asking just how to become a member of Delta f themselves in different countries! Chronic The Hedgehog asks "So how do I set up a KC chapter of your frat? I was always with the "DGF"(Don't Giva Fuck) house. Hook a brotha up! " I'll tell you the same thing I tell everyone: You're already a member, and we're proud to have you! So let's all have a tall, ass-kickn' shot-of-taquila-welcome to Chronic the Hedgehog and all the members of DGF to the Delta f community!!

How do you start your own chapter of Delta f? Easy - just say it and it is so. Want to start your own AntiFrat? Shit man, that's what were here for, too! Just give yourselves a name and make it so: go forth and party. So will we. All we ask is that you let us know about it so we can put your on this site, then you'll have hits from all the other members of Delta f and the AntiFrats!

So Go! Start an AntiFrat or a Delta f! Do something stupid - because we know you already do - and tell us about it!

AntiFrats Unite!

Click Jared's Giant Head

Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Time Wasting

Here's yet another way to waste a bunch of time for the next little while. These are some of the coolest comics I've seen in a while - not that I read that many comics... I'd love to hear what inspires this guy to write all this stuff. By far, my favourites are the Dead Clown ones...

Don't read too many of them though, for they just might rot out your head. Just what the fuck is wrong with that milkman, anyway?

While you're at it, why not check out Chronic the Hedgehog's site, who's doing pretty much the same thing that we do, but down in Kansas City, except with a lot more weed and the lack of affiliation to an AntiFrat. Be sure to leave comments and get him on to Delta f!

Say, does anyone in Windsor recognize this happy little face? Well, it probably doesn't mean what you think it means. While I'm on it, just what had you thought that this meant walking to UWindsor campus (South-side of Riverside, one block East of Sunset on the Bell box...)? It might be time for a little urban renewal, Delta f style. More later.

Thursday, May 12, 2005


Strange Resenblance - Mel and Hilary Duff

Yet another entry into the Strange Resemblance series.
This particular one has been noted by me in the past, but for some reason Mel has never, ever been pleased with the fact that I see a resemblance with her and the teen no-talent hack Hilary Duff. Mel seems to think that this inferrence that the resemblance is more than simply in appearance, but this entry is to prove that dead wrong: you just look like her that's all.
This hopefully will settle that once and for all.

Good GOD, would you just look at these twins...
Good lord, the more I look at that the scarier it gets.
I have a strange feeling that I'm going to get in a lot of trouble for this...

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Fun for the summer -- Google image seach...

Well there we have it - another year done. Most of us are back in our respective towns of origin, leaving good old Windsor behind us to stagnate in the summer heat and just get smellier as it gets hotter. I don't think too many of us are going to miss it, but I can safely say that we deeply feel for every one of our commrades that has to stick around the Windsor funk. Try to stay indoors, if you can.

So with lots of crazy pictures of what all the Delta fuckers are up to in the summer pending (and I know it's a long shot that I'll get any...) I will do my best to put up as much crazy stuff here as I can during the hot and lazy months ahead. Submitted for your approval: Fun with Google image search. Have you fucked with this thing yet?!?!

The everpresent Google has had it's image search up and running for quite some time now, but I was never one to be satisfied with the world's most powerful porn finder. Being able to search through a live updated database of a billion crazy pictures on the internet really opens your eyes to the strange things that happen in the world when a camera is present (not to mention leaving the question of what happens when a camera isn't). For example, a search for "dead squirrel" comes up with 260 hits!! This is odd, but one of my favourite pictures shows up here...

Why are there so many pictures of dead squirrels on the internet? Seriously - why? This one is kind of funny though, isn't it... There's this one too...

You just want to go "awwwww" don't you? He's cute and lethal. But these soon to be famous squirrels are just the beginning. Yes, with the image search "cat fart" comes up with 66 hits. "Urine smell" tallies in 146, and the "fat man" ropes in an astonishing 7,230.
So here it is, I ask you to find the craziest Google image searches and send them in. Maybe I'll have a contest for the "Why the hell does this exist?!!?" award. Have fun Googling. I leave you with some more strange searches...

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