Tuesday, March 22, 2005


St. Patrick's Day Party!!

At last - the St. Patrick's day pictures!! Don't hold it against me if you're not on here or if the picture is less than awesome - I probably didn't take it!! For those of you who do like the pictures, you're welcome, it was a pleasure to have you.

What's say we get started...

It all started early, on Thursday March 17th, 2005. The weather was nice, and everyone was ready for the best damn party that Bridge Ave. has ever seen!

And even Jimmy showed up, so if you weren't there then nuts to ya!

Above are the two first guests that weren't there especially for the party...

Then the crazy people started showing up...

At this point I think there was a million people in our basement. Seriously.

I don't even know what I can say about these people.

Let's get to the real party!

There is even people playing outside!

Things are getting a little rougher now...

By this point, if anyone wasn't having a good time, they weren't here.

A few local friends that decided to show up.

Yet more crazy people. By this point they're drunk crazy people - every single one of them.

As your friendly bartender, I had been tending said bar for about eight hours. People were drunk and happy. Members of Delta f were celebrating a successful party. It was time for me to do the same.

So then someone took these pictures while I took advantage of the bar.

It is St. Patrick's day after all...

And a few more random shots of people before we get to the end of the night.

And now, the drunkest person at the party. It is now somewhere around seven in the morning, so I have no idea who the hell this was. All I know is that they were so unconscious that even sticking straws up their nose and posing with them didn't wake them up. Enjoy...

And that's Delta f's St. Patrick's day party 2005! I hope you all had an awesome time there, and here with the pictures. Feel free to send in any you took your selves - I'll put them up and we can all laugh!
Thanks again from Delta f!

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