Sunday, January 23, 2005


The Loop!

Once again, and for the first time this semester, Coty and I heeded the Windsor tradition of the Loop. What is the Loop? Well, the Loop is just about the coolest dance club that I've been to -let alone to exist in Windsor. It's really hard to put a finger on exactly what it is about the place that is so great. The music's always good, the people are awesome - I guess it's a culmination of a few things.
Oh yes, and then there's the new experimental photo technique that I can perfect because basically everyone I know bought a digi-camera over the break. You guys rock.
This particular visit to the loop didn't really pan out too differently from any other visit to the loop, really. Coty and I were the only one's from Delta f back (now this was two Saturdays ago), and only a few selects from the Muffin House decided to join us.
Although they definitely were well represented, as you can see. I don't know what exactly happened to Lianne's face here, but it sure does look like she's having a good time.
We got there, the party happened and everything was cool - I don't have one weird or bad story to tell about this night, really. Everyone ended up in their own house, in their own beds with narry an injury save Leanne's sore pecks the next day (from dancing, I presume; get you mind out of the gutter).

One interesting thing that we did do though, was to try and get pictures of random people at the club with - The stranger the people, the better. As mentioned above though, there was a palatable lack of weird on this particular night, so the pictures are hardly anything special - literally just pictures of Coty with random people.

At least this one to the left is with chicks. One guy did give us a very heart-wrenching story about why he wouldn't let us take a picture of him: He said his ex-wife had fucked him over once for doing the exact same thing. We didn't really get what he meant by that, but we let it go; the picture wouldn't have been that good, anyway.
This one is my favouite, though. This poor guy had obviously been sitting all by himself for a really long time nursing a beer before we asked him for the picture. Really not digging being alone at a club, he readily agreed.

"You guys need any more of those?" he very expectantly asked us after the snap. The prospect of once again hitting the table - without Coty this time - not a happy one.
"Naw thanks. I think we have what we need."
Besides, People were talking about going to Papa Cheynney's and two dollar drinks have to try really hard to keep me away.

So the night pretty much ended with us going to Cheyney's for one drink and then heading back to Delta f. What the hell would a night out be without a cameo from Kareem? Some would say that it would just be a night out without Kareem, but what the hell do they know anyway?

And a few more random pictures will follow. As a preview for the next entry (which will be soon, I promise) I will be showing blood, guts and gore for the first time on the blog. Real blood, guts and gore, too. If anyone can guess who's blood and guts (if you weren't there, of course) than you win a Prize. Cheers!

Friday, January 07, 2005


Back in Windsoria

Here I sit in the Computer Lab,
And I can't help but wonder what the hell happened to the Christmas holidays? Why am I back here so soon? Sure, we started a week later than the rest of the planet, but it really does slap you in the face when you realize that the beginning of a new semester is imminent. I guess the only way I can really find comfort in the fact that I'm back here - well, alright, I could think of a few, but a really good reason is that the party season is about to begin!
Yes, that's right: What the hell else are we going to do? It's freezing out there! I recomment that that everyone stays warm and grabs a bottle of something and call some friends. Can I get a "fuck yeah!?" At the risk of sounding like a beer commercial I think it's a really good idea that we take advantage of these good times. Does anyone want to go in on making some booze in my closet again? money's tight.

So when you all roll back into this crazy town, just remember that there will always be at least one person ready to party at Delta f. Just wake me up, and I will kill you.

Happy Dead-of-Winter!

Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Drunk of the Week, eh?

Well, the site's been up for not even twenty-four hours,
Already, the only comments I've recieved is that I should bring back the old Drunk of the Week. For the time being, I think that you guys should be happy with the Old One. Do you really think that there would be enough material to bring back another DOTW this semester? Do you really think that you guys have what it takes (or took)? Well, if anyone out there thinks that they can out-do what Coty did back in the day, then be my guest - I'll be right there with the camera.
Shit, consider this an open invitation to anyone out there who thinks they can come even close; send in the picture and I will faithfully post it. Then I will laugh.

So get to it then, people - go get drunk. Just make sure that I at least hear about it, then maybe we can recreate it. Remember JM's amazing night? Yeah, we could do that again.

You rock, Snuffy.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005


The Delta f Blog Goes Public!!

Hello ladies and Gentlemen - Welcome to the Deltaf Blog!
As one might see, I have been working on this thing since about mid November on and off just to put a little bit of substance into it before I shared it with the world and the people I live with. You can see all the old posts down in the Archives to the left.
I would like to thank everyone that I gave previews of this page to for all of the support that they gave me in putting this together. It's too bad that sarcasm doesn't come through the computer screen, because hardly anyone I sent this to before hand gave me any feedback at all. *sigh* Oh well, if you don't like it, you had your chance!!!

For those of you seeing this for the first time (most notably the gentlemen I live with, and the ones for the most part about whom this page is about!), feel free to post comments whenever - after all, that's why I chose the Blog format. This way, we - and everyone else we know, for that matter - can contribute to the site. For better or for worse, I guess.
So with that and a big "SURPRISE - YOU'VE BEEN BLOGGED!" to my housemates, I give you the Delta f Blog.


-Tyler t, President, Delta f

Monday, January 03, 2005


Haha, We don't start until the tenth!

I hope everyone is having a very restful and relaxing beginning to 2005!
Also, I feel that I should take this time to point out (rub in) that the University of Windsor does, in fact, not start until the tenth of January. All of us at Windsor would like to wish you the best if you're starting this week, and we all hope that you don't work too hard on what should be a transitionary week.
For all of you Windsor students, try not to relax too much - it's not good for you! Get out, take a walk every now and then. I for one am going to try and not sleep in until four every day this week. No, I will be up at a reasonable one or two in the afternoon every day; tackling the rest of my vacation with lethargic vigour (yes, I said it).
Please forward death threats to my e-mail address.

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