Tuesday, April 25, 2006


The Last Week at the Delta f Homestead

Well everyone,

It's been a crazy three years here at the Delta f World Headquarters at 194 Bridge in Windsor. Although most of us are returning next year - or at least won't be far - it is indeed the last week that we will be in the Delta f pad.
With the giant hole in our driveway and an almost total lack of hot water now, I can't say that too many of the Cadre Few are really all that sad to say goodbye to the house its self, but the good memories we have at this crazy house will live on in our tales of destruction, the Delta f Blog, of course...But also in Video Form!

So now, submitted for the approval of those who haven't seen it yet, I present you with a Delta f retrospective, as narrated by our own JM.

Bette Midler provides the tear-jerking Vocals

As it gets closer to the time when we finish our exams, party the shit out the house and move out for good, I look forward to all the crazy times ahead of us - though I doubt they will overshadow those behind.

Long-Live Delta f!

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